Using the Internet changes our way of thinking. The linear mind will be replaced by a new mind which wants to get all informations served fast and overlapping. It is apparent that we will loose our ability to concentrate on one thing for a certain time.
The technological revolution which brought us the Internet is irreversible. The medium Internet will continue to develop and will have a sustainable impact on our way of thinking.
From the beginning of the dot-com revolution in the 1990s to the present day contents from newspaper, television and radio have been transferred directly to the Internet. It is long overdue that we think about how content has to change if the medium it is transferred to is a different one. Unfortunately this aspect has been neglected till today.
In the video section the outcome of this neglect is a phenomenon i call “multitabing”. The crosslinking of contents on YouTube suits the new functionality of our brains very well. By contrast, the linked contents are of the same linear type as videos on music television. As a result of this contradiction, people using YouTube, open related videos or different search results in new tabs. This means that there is a high probability of jumping to the next tab without having seen the entire current video. My conviction is that this phenomenon could be limited by making the contents interactive.
On this blog I would like to search the Internet for new ideas of how contents of former music videos could be conveyed in an interactive format. Additionally, I would like to show some of my works which also deal with these topics.

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