Radical Friend directed Black Moth RAinbow’s music video Dark Bubbles. The LA directing duo used motion-sensitive technology, time-lapse photography, live-action footage and animation to complete the three-month-long project. They also developed an interactive version of the video that allowed the viewer to change the sun, moon and stars with the swipe of a mouse.


interact with on graveface.com/bmsr_darkbubbles


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To promote the new Old Spice scent Danger Zone, Old Spice Muscleman Terry Crews does what no man has ever done before—play a drum set using nothing but his flexing muscles. In addition to watching his historically important muscle-powered performance, users also have the ability to use their keyboards to control Terry’s muscles and create and share their own muscle-powered musical creations.


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Beck reimagines David Bowies “Sound and Vision” with 160 musicians, as a fully immersive 360 degree interactive experience via the Lincoln Motor Company. It takes place on a 360 stage with Beck in the middle. It was created using 360 degree binaural heads. You can control the cameras using your webcam and moving your head around.


interact with on hello-again.com/beck360


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From the Author:
“3 Dreams of Black” takes you on a journey through three dream worlds constructed through a combination of rich 2D drawings and animations interwoven with interactive 3D sequences. Throughout various points in these dream worlds, you can grab your mouse and guide the protagonist’s point of view through the experience. This music experience also includes a 3D model creator that allows you to create your own relics and contribute to the shared collective dream. “3 Dreams of Black” is written and directed by Chris Milk, and developed with a few folks here at Google.


interact with on www.ro.me


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This WebGL interactive music experience is a wholly immersive journey, inspired by Goulding’s single Lights at once enriching the experience of the song and offering up a stunning visual interpretation. A techno-celestial light show allows viewers to soar through the music, cutting their way through the virtual environment with their mouse as their guide. Additional functionality includes the ability to speed up the experience with the click of one’s mouse, as well as real-time Twitter comments about Lights integrated into the visuals. The real-time Tweets are powered by Echo’s powerful StreamServer platform. The platform allowed the design team to quickly collect, store and serve the live data at the massive scale that’s expected with very little engineering effort.


interact with on lights.elliegoulding.com


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Swedish pop star Robyn has released this interactive 3D video for the song “Don’t fucking tell me what to do” in 2010. The video is written entirely in code, and feeds in content from fans via Twitter. The beginning of the video features words from the song, in which Robyn sings about the various vices that are killing her. In the second half of the song, the website feeds in tweets from fans stating the things that are killing them, with their name credited at the bottom of the webpage.


interact with on robyn.com/killingme


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This fully interactive 360 degree music video is very similar to the Pendulum video I presented in may. It was made for British rapper Professor Green‘s ‘Coming To Get Me‘. The flash based video was sponsored by Doritos for their Late Night campaign, the brand’s’ first ever global promotion. The 360 degree technology used has been developed by yellowBird. Directed by Chris Cairns on behalf of AMV BBDO, it’s really a magnificent piece of work.


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In this intactmuvi (INTerACTive MUsic VIdeo) the rap musician “V-Stick” embodies a person haunted by visions of doomsday. Being labelled as a maniac by society, he tries to warn people of the imminent apocalypse. Following him on his mission, you will see pictures of death and destruction through his eyes.

Collective Suicide

The intactmuvi is build by a combination of photo an video. By shifting photolayers in a parallactic system, the illusion of a three-dimensional space is created. Thereby, the user gets the impression of rotating in the location while he controls the shifting direction and speed with the movement of his mouse. Furthermore, he can navigate through several stations and meets the lyricist who performs the song.
In contrast to a linear music video, the user decides what he sees and when he sees it. He becomes, so to speak, the director of the music video by setting the cuts. This has the advantage of substaining the attention of the user and persuading him to consume the song probably a while longer than he would do on a classical music video. Additionally, the user feels closer connected with the musician he likes, while he controls his moves and is able to switch into the musicians perspective. An extra stimulus is given by the chance to get a free download if every hidden secret in the intactmuvi was found.
Possibilities for the publication of such an intactmuvi are, for example, the musician’s homepage, the header of a Myspace fanpage or an audio CD as a bonus.


interact with on valentindietmar.com | more 3D photographs on valentindietmar.com


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