The Beatworld looks like a strange planet. A place where you can educe sounds from everything. Inspired by the operability of a beatmachine, this interactive animation clip is controlled by hitting buttons, assigned to the sounds of a drum set. To make it approachable for everyone, a groove is given by a pendulum and a selectable melody loop. The physical linkage makes the controls more intuitive and the design of the shell lets the whole machine appear less engineered.


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Just like the furniture clip, the seccond interactive stopmotion artwork is about viewing habits and expectations towards the functionality of everyday objects.
The user is encouraged to misuse kitchen utensils for sound production. By selecting loop variations he defines the current audio-mix and the corresponding animations. The kitchen becomes a music sequencer programme.
In comparison with the furniture clip, not only the playing order of the stop-motion sequences is controlled by the user, but also the dimension of the sound becomes interactive. Thereby, in its basic principles, this artwork is close to my idea of how an interactive music video should be: controlling the visualisation of the song and reinterpreting the music.

Art of Cooking

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Have you aver seen any furnitures participating in a b-boy battle? Standing around the dance floor, appreciatively nodding their heads while watching the rival’s moves?
This imagination becomes reality by using the animation technique of stop-motion. A series of photographs is played as a continuous sequence and thus the illusion of movement is created.
The very new thing in these premises is to make the stop-motion interactive. The beholder becomes the user and it is now on him to decide which part of the sequence he wants to see first. The stop-motion clip becomes linearly independent and its playing time endless.
In this work a human attribute, the musical comprehension, is projected into the furnitures by synchronizing the sequences to music. The observers viewing habits are put to the test by combining a relied image section with a quirky way of behaving of conventional objects.

Battle of Furnitures

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