To promote the new Old Spice scent Danger Zone, Old Spice Muscleman Terry Crews does what no man has ever done before—play a drum set using nothing but his flexing muscles. In addition to watching his historically important muscle-powered performance, users also have the ability to use their keyboards to control Terry’s muscles and create and share their own muscle-powered musical creations.


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Just playing around with photography, soundrecording and a little ActionScript. This tiny tool was created in collaboration with a friend of mine who’s an expert on beatboxing. Press K, S and H for boxing the beat!


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Cambox is a fabulous app on iOS devices made by Billaboop Studios. It claims to be the first video beat boxing app. The functionality is quite simple. Recorded video snippets could be played back by hitting buttons. Available on the App Store.


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The Beatworld looks like a strange planet. A place where you can educe sounds from everything. Inspired by the operability of a beatmachine, this interactive animation clip is controlled by hitting buttons, assigned to the sounds of a drum set. To make it approachable for everyone, a groove is given by a pendulum and a selectable melody loop. The physical linkage makes the controls more intuitive and the design of the shell lets the whole machine appear less engineered.


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