Queen’s Club is an unforgiving fusion of post-modern punk and straight ahead rock-n-roll. When the band and director Alex Purifoy decided they needed a partner to deliver a website that combined the band’s sound with the members’ individual intensity on an interactive stage, the list got short. Fast. They chose P3 after they met Dano and Cam; kindred spirits who understood what the Queen’s Club groove moved and what the Haunted House was all about.
The Haunted House is an interactive space where fans can select a venue, choose color and manipulate camera angles without interrupting QC’s ferocious and undeniable sound. It’s as close to live as you can be without waiting in line and highlites Propaganda3’s skill with Flash and Papervision. It also shows off our ability to switch gears from overdrive to HolyHell. The aftermath? A site we dare you to stop messing with, unless you’re turning down the volume.


interact with on propaganda3.com


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