The AudioCubes are a collection of wireless intelligent light emitting objects, capable of detecting each other’s location and orientation, and user gestures, and were created by Bert Schiettecatte. They are an electronic musical instrument which is being used by electronic musicians for live performance, sound design, music composition, and creating interactive applications in max/msp, pd and C++. The AudioCubes are an example of a Tangible User Interface as well as an ambient device.


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In the year of 2008, a real human rockband, called Peter Pal, was converted into a virtual remote-controlled rockband. All of the four band members are now sticking in a screen and have to play what the operator tells them. It is a little bit like the reality of music business. Hundreds of new variations of one schema are played, trying to produce a money-spinner quickly. In this installation it is the user’s task to give back freedom to Rock n’ Roll by breaking the monotony of repetition.
By combining Ableton Live and vvvv – a graphical programming environment for easy prototyping and development – via midi signals, an almost 40 track audio- / videosequencer is build. Every track contains an audio and a synchronized video loop. By squeezing the remote-control buttons, the user is in the position to decide which four loops (drums, bass, electric guitar and vocals) should be played simultaneously. The fact that the four instumental tracks are not synchronized urges the user to put in the chosen instrument in time and further gives him the freedom to improvise by hitting the buttons randomly.

Peter Pal

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