Bohemian Rhapsichord is a web app that turns the song Bohemian Rhapsody into a musical instrument. It uses TheEcho Nest analyzer to break the song into segments of quasi-stable musical events. It then shows these as an array of colored tiles (where the colors are based on timbre) that you can interact with like a musical instrument.
If you click on a tile, you play that portion of the song (or hold down shift or control and play tiles just by mousing over them). You can bind different segments to keys letting you play the ‘instrument’ with your keyboard too (See the FAQ for all the details). You can re-sort the tiles based on a few criteria (sequential order, by loudness, duration or by similarity to the last played note). It is a fun way to make music based on one of the best songs in the world. The app makes use of the very new (and not always the most stable) web audio API. Currently, the only browser that I know that supports the web audio API is Chrome.


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Cambox is a fabulous app on iOS devices made by Billaboop Studios. It claims to be the first video beat boxing app. The functionality is quite simple. Recorded video snippets could be played back by hitting buttons. Available on the App Store.


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I like the idea of creating music by using sounds from everyday objects. Some time ago, i sampled kitchen utensils for my interactive stop-motion work “Art of Cooking“. I this post I want to introduce a video by Mateusz Zdziebko who made incredible music by using some noisy and voiced objects. His proposal to make this kind of work more interactive: “Just use your friends, give them gadgets and transform your party into gizmo-jam-session.”


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